Frequently Asked Questions

/Frequently Asked Questions

Duties will vary by family, but most families expect the following to be part of the au pair’s duties. The balance of the au pair position should always be on childcare, rather than household duties.

  • Wake the children in the morning and get them ready
  • Help the children to tidy their rooms and make their beds
  • Prepare breakfast and lunch for the children
  • Clean up breakfast dishes
  • Make sure children have books and homework for school
  • Drive children to/from school (if needed)
  • Tasks while children are at school: shopping, light housework
  • Prepare a healthy afternoon snack
  • Assist the children with their homework, initiate and supervise play
  • Help the children with their bath routine and help get them ready for bed

Travel insurance can bring you peace of mind while you are overseas so looking into the market for travel insurance for your gap year is a good idea. Because you are away for an extended period of time and possibly visiting more than one country, you can now take out specific gap year travel insurance.


If you comply with the following: 

  • Aged 18-29
  • Eligible for the Working Holiday Visa (i.e. UK Youth Mobility Scheme Visa). You must apply for your visa before you travel to the UK. You can check your
  • Unmarried and have no children
  • Flexible, friendly and open
  • Happy to help with childcare and light household duties
  • Practical/real childcare experience (e.g. babysitting)
  • No criminal record
  • Fit and healthy with no medical conditions which may affect your work as an au pair (all medical conditions must be declared, if unsure as to whether your condition affects the application, please check with our team first)
  • Minimum availability of 6 months – Many families prefer 12 month stays so the longer you can stay, the more options you normally have!
  • Non-smoker

The au pair experience is a cultural exchange program. You get a chance to live and travel overseas safely and be part of a welcoming host family. As an au pair you see the destination as a local and you travel longer for less!

In exchange for helping out with childcare duties and light housework, you are welcomed as a member of the host family and given full board accommodation and pocket money.

You get the chance to earn and learn in a family setting.

You do not need formal qualifications or childcare experience as such, just proof that you have looked after children as a babysitter, homework helper or as part of a group such as scouting, as a sports coach or in church group.

It is important that you enjoy working with children as this is a big part of the au pair position.

For candidates with a childcare background we often have positions with more responsibility and better pocket money.

A Nanny is a childcare professional. Childcare is her job, and in most countries a Nanny is expected to have childcare qualifications, as well as referenced experience.

An Au Pair chooses to take a ‘nanny job’ as a gap year role, but may never work in childcare after doing so.

As an Au Pair you are part of the family, not an employee.

As Au Pairs have limited experience, we expect the Au Pairs to ‘help out’, rather than ‘take charge’, especially with babies. As such, we do not expect our Au Pairs to accept sole responsibility for babies.

The time it takes to find a family depends on a couple of factors.

If you are looking a long time in advance of your required start date, it can take a little longer to see first introductions.

If you are looking for a position on asap basis, we can normally introduce families straight away – once we have received your completed documentation and completed an interview with you.

Au pairs who can stay for a 10-12 month period have significantly more family options to consider, irrespective of the time of the year. Similarly your flexibility regarding the family location, ages of the children etc has an impact on how many families we can introduce for you.

Program fees start from $600 for Au Pairing in Britain. $200 deposit at time of first interview + $400 long term program fee at the time of you accepting an au pair position with a host family.

You must also take into consideration the additional costs of international airfares, insurance and visas.

With our information pack you will receive a full breakdown of costs & benefits.

Alternatively, please visit our application fees section for more information.